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Our goal is to help our clients find their identity, to treat every one of them as a unique opportunity and to nurture and expand their business potential through creative vision and insight.


Zaid Ahmed

The Designer | Logo Master

Zaid is a whimsical person, who loves material design, and everything which has Google before it. He's been drawing and designing since 2015. He wants the world to adapt to simplistic and minimalistic design. Along with Quedec Designs, he's struggling with Computer Science Engineering, and just wants you to know, "Never pursue what you do not like."


Simaan Akbar

Brand Strategy | Illustrator

Simaan is a design wizard who loves to try and explore new things and trends in Graphic Design. He can be found designing posters, vectors and logos when he is not playing video games. Wants to take the Graphic Design industry forward in Hyderabad and build a great community for this amazing industry!

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