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Startup Studio

Startup Studio is a company that provides co-working space for startups. This was an amazing branding project, from designing the logo to brochures, flyers and many branding elements, we developed a great identity for this brand.

Noor Safi Al Aidarous

NSAE is a general contracting and trading company based in Saudi Arabia. This was a branding project. From logo to their company profile brochure, we've designed both social and print media. Over time, we have developed a strong relationship with them. 

Hungry Parrots

A food truck, a restaurant, this was an energetic food brand, and we intended to represent it as such. With vibrant colors and an adorable parrot, we created a logo that was conspicuous anywhere, be it a food truck, or a restaurant.

Logo, Business card, menu designs aside, we even designed their food truck. One of our early projects. Hungry Parrots is now for sale., (website, social media accounts, and digital assets - Logos, artwork, etc.)

Mahmood Habib Masjid

Our relationship with MHMIC has been a long and fruitful one. For 3 consecutive years, we have been designing their weekly posters, book covers, and other social and print media. 

The Logo was designed in 2019, using Kufic caligraphy, and straightforward colors that were perfect for an Islamic Center.

Radiant Automobiles

A branding project we completed in 2018, for a company that resells cars and car parts based in Hyderabad, India.

Burger Point

Burger Point is a small fast food restaurant which needed a complete redesign. We combined 2 simple icons, a location marker and a minimal burger, to produce this appealing logo.

From logos, to posters and flyers, we created everything to define this modest restaurant.

Hashtag Game Zone

A fresh game zone ready for inauguration, wanted a unique look. Artfully crafted into the two letters were 2 arrows which represented force and formed a hashtag.

The colors used gave the logo an electrifying look, which was just what our client wanted. Logo, social media designs, Instagram story ads, we made it all.


A gaming lounge in Hyderabad, which has been satisfying the needs of many gamers for a long time. They needed to rebrand themselves, and found us.

We've designed their logo, custom wallpapers, and more. We are official design partners with Gamersden.

Mir's Group

Mir's Group is a real estate business in Hyderabad. They wanted a crisp logo, without any overdone graphics, so we came up with this minimal and sharp looking design for the letter 'M'.


Logos and business cards, this was a complete branding project.

Retro Prints

This is just a concept we created for fun. We wanted to try a comic and apparel look, and we think the concept came out good and would definitely catch a comic nerds's eye.

Allison Cosmetics

Allison Cosmetics is a cosmetic branding concept we did for exploration purposes. It was new for us to design a cosmetic and a feminine brand. And we found new ideas and amazing concepts in the


This was a part of Logocore's 30-day Challenge. Check it out if you want to challenge yourself for variety of logo concepts everyday for one month.

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